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List of interviews subdivided by subjects:
  • Access
    Problems concerning the means and availability of access to new communication technologies
  • Cinema
    Its evolution in the digital age
  • Culture
    From the digitalisation of culture to the culture of the digital
  • Electronic art
    Experiments and comments from the world of digital art
  • Environment and health
    The environmental problems and the health risks connected with technological development
  • Hypertexts
    Analyses of the concept of hypertextual works
  • Journalism
    Reflections on the changes that digital technologies have brought for newspapers and journalists
  • Languages
    Programming and markup languages etc.
  • Legal problems
    The legislation, old and new, that regulates the information society
  • Memory
    Data bases and digital archives
  • Network people
    The social, political and psychological characteristics of network users, how networks are used and the virtual community
  • Networks
    The "information superhighways": what they are and how they are created
  • Politics
    New forms of political communication in the digital era
  • Radio
    Its evolution in the digital age
  • Television
    The history and the evolution of the television medium and message
  • The Changing Society
    Anthropological and cultural reflections on the changes new communications technologies are bringing about in contemporary social dynamics


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