John PATRICK's intervention

"Well, as we look much further into the future, we see first the Internet evolving as this new medium. A medium that's very rich with multimedia content. A medium which responds to who you are and the way you want to interact. A medium where people who are blind don't get presented with video, people who are hearing-impaired see wonderful video.
And this medium responds and becomes a very natural way for you to interact. But what's coming ahead is an Internet where you don't even have to interact; there will be something that will interact for you. It will be an avatar.

An avatar is a software agent, and this software agent or this avatar, this likeness of you, will be out there on that network. It will be out there in the medium acting on your behalf. And this avatar will take on your personality. It will know what you like, it will know what you don't like.
When it encounters another avatar, it will introduce itself and it will be just like you. And you will trust this avatar.
This avatar will carry your wallet. And in that wallet will be your digital signature.
And you will entrust your avatar to negotiate for you, to plan a weekend in the city for you, to find a hotel that you will like, make reservations for you in a restaurant. It will be wonderful for you. And it will perhaps go out and find the furniture to outfit a new room that you may be building because it will be so natural. It will know your likes and your dislikes.
And over time it will get smarter and smarter and it will become just like you. But you will be completely in control. But many things that are today mundane in the shopping arena really don't require your personal involvement. It's only once your tastes are known that these things become very boring, whereas your avatar will be able to take over for you and allow you to spend your time on the things that are of most interest to you."

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