Irvin Bladawski-Berger's intervention

"Well, here is the dream. Assume that everybody in Italy is connected over a network, how will government deliver services to people differently? How will there be a more efficient society? What kind of education can you do when all children have access to great information sources around the world, where teachers get the most expert help around the world and can put together very exciting lessons? How about healthcare? If somebody has a problem in a very remote corner of Sicily, they can be consulting an expert in Milano because they are interacting over a network and the magnetic resonance image gets transmitted over the network and the expert is looking at it as if he were next door. How will telemedicine make advances? I really think the vision should all be: How will society become a better society as a result of getting connected? And that's where I hope all of our visions and fantasies and hard work will go".

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